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Freddie was born on Saturday 21st May 2011 @ 17.42pm, 28 weeks+2, weighing just 730 grams (1lb 9ozs). He was born 11½ weeks premature. Prior to birth, Freddie was transferred from Royal Free in London to the NICU (Neonatal Incubation Care Unit) at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent; the only incubator available, 86 miles away & delivered! We traveled to visit him everyday & finally, after 35 days & an exhausting 3000 miles, he was transferred to Barnet Hospital, just 4 miles away from home! Six weeks later, after a total of 12 weeks (82 days) at hospital, Freddie was finally allowed to go home, on oxygen support for his due date - his 0th birthday! His weight today, is 8400 grams (18lbs 5ozs) & his next weight recording is 1.12.12. He has had 2 hernia operations at Great Ormond Street and is due another at his 4th hospital. This is our story...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 35 - Freddie is home!

Freddie is home safely in north London....overnight is going to be tense until he is rested. We had an agitated 2 hours at home, pacing back and forward, doing anything we could to pass the time and take our minds off the transfer. It didn't work. During my excitement to have him closer to home, to celebrate this, I found a Cockney translator (nothing else to do) and typed in the following phrase below; one of the many multi-lingual languages he will be speaking. Cockney, Scottish and English, to name a few...

The phrase was:
"Our boy is home, back in North London where he belongs. Mum and Dad only have a few miles to go and see him each day. Result."

The website then threw back at me, quoted below, the translation into Cockney-slang and it is a lovely fitting ode/celebration to have our son closer to home. Its actually quite funny and even funnier as Mummy totally understands it too!

"Our Rob Roy is Pope in Rome, Hammer and Tack in norf London where 'e belongs. Maam and Daad only 'ave a few miles ter scaapa fla and clock 'im each day. Result"

As extended family have already said in the post below, what a fitting tribute to Freddie, we have reached the 10,000 views landmark. We have been inundated with good wishes from all our friends and family, via phone, text, Twitter and Facebook. 

We are closer to home and it feels GREAT!


Anonymous said...

10,000 views on such a special night, amazing, well done and thank you for keeping all your friends and family informed and involved.
Even those of us that haven't seen you in years can feel the emotion in such a story. I can only hope to feel part of it a while longer as things progress.
Now take the trouble up the apples and look forward to a lay in tomorrow!!

Scott said...

Truly wonderful new, you must be over the moon, the travelling really takes it out of you.
Hope all goes well with the transfer and that Freddie keeps up the progress.
All the Best,
Scott, Tracey & Anya xx