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Freddie was born on Saturday 21st May 2011 @ 17.42pm, 28 weeks+2, weighing just 730 grams (1lb 9ozs). He was born 11½ weeks premature. Prior to birth, Freddie was transferred from Royal Free in London to the NICU (Neonatal Incubation Care Unit) at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent; the only incubator available, 86 miles away & delivered! We traveled to visit him everyday & finally, after 35 days & an exhausting 3000 miles, he was transferred to Barnet Hospital, just 4 miles away from home! Six weeks later, after a total of 12 weeks (82 days) at hospital, Freddie was finally allowed to go home, on oxygen support for his due date - his 0th birthday! His weight today, is 8400 grams (18lbs 5ozs) & his next weight recording is 1.12.12. He has had 2 hernia operations at Great Ormond Street and is due another at his 4th hospital. This is our story...

Monday, 27 July 2015

@FreddieWM visits the @ScienceMuseum

Today, daddy and Freddie visited the Science Museum in London.

Before heading to the museum, daddy to Freddie to Bloomsbury Publishing UK to drop off the final edits for his new book. It will be printed next month and available in September 2015.

We then got back on the tube and headed West to South Kensington. Here is a photo of Freddie sitting on the last carriage of the tube, enjoying a packet of crisps!

Outside the museum, there is a chap who is there every time we visit. He is covered in recycled plastic bottles. Freddie was keen to stop, but became very shy when he posed for a photo.

We didn't stay long at the Science Museum. Freddie just wanted to see the planets; there weren't very many! So, daddy managed to keep Freddie busy in the children's basement; and then in the Landscape zone. Finally, we looked at all the rockets and spaceships before taking this selfie.

We then grabbed an ice-cream and headed back home. We are enjoying the summer holidays together before Freddie starts school in September.

As you can see, Freddie is a big boy now. He's 4 and far-removed from his preemie days.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Spring 2015 with @FreddieWM

This is a short update of what Freddie has been up to since January 2015.

Freddie continues to thrive and continues to develop like any other normal young boy. I doubt that anyone would ever know his difficult start in life just by his appearance and drive. He is a determined young man who loves playing with his friends, toys and his family.

He has had his 3-4 year-old vaccinations and continues in very strong health.

He is developing his social skills, thriving on having lots of people around him - other than his mummy and daddy - he gets most excited when friends come to his house to play.  We have been on many day trips to museums, farms and national museums as Freddie love of play and learning grows stronger.

As I write, Freddie has just returned from another visit to hospital. This time for falling over and bumping his head. He had a small open wound and needed 2 butterfly stitches. This whole-experience reminded me of how vulnerable kids are and how strong a bond is for a child. Freddie was very brave and one of the nurses even remembered his name from all those years ago in neonatal!

Here are some photos selected of Freddie from January 2015 - June 2015.

Freddie's 4th birthday party - watching a puppet show!

Posing for the camera in the garden.

Sitting in Hampstead Park with mummy on Boxing Day 2014.

Posing with daddy after he was nominated for The Sunday Times #Debretts500 Most Influential People in the UK 2015! You can see Freddie is really pleased!

With daddy's glasses ...

Freddie loves pink doughnuts!

 But Freddie's favourite thing, is lying on the sofa with his blanket ...

At Highgate Park with his best friend Noah; eating an ice-cream ...

Having a shave with daddy ...

Posing with daddy on the sofa ...

Happy 4th birthday Freddie! 

Playing with his air-rockets in the park.

Walking in the fields of Trent Park with Uncle Sparky, mummy and daddy.

Freddie is now 4 and is due to start school in September and I promise to update his blog before he starts school. If you are a premature parent reading Freddie's blog, I hope we are giving you hope.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Winter 2014

I've been meaning to update Freddie's blog for several weeks. I continue to receive emails for families who read Freddie's blog as a source of inspiration, so this gives me the passion to keep it alive and updated.

I write this on Christmas Eve 2014. On that note, I do hope Freddie reads this one day ...

Freddie is a joy. He is playing, laughing and cracking jokes, as well as having myself and my wife running all around the house playing trains! He is obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine. Over the past 6 months, Freddie has thrived at nursery and we have managed to find him a school for 2015. He has rarely been ill, other than a winter cold and managed to pass his final hearing test as a neonatal child.

Here are some photos of Freddie from June 2014 to December 2014.

 A day out at The Imperial War Museum

Final hearing test under NICU

A first winter outing as a family for lunch

At home unwell - November 2014

Freddie loves his Spiderman mask!

Ice Cream at Highgate Woods

Merry Christmas 2014

A day out with Daddy on the London Underground

With Alex and Leo (NICU twins)

And a reminder of scale

I promise to update @FreddieWM's blog much sooner. Wishing all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes, @rossmcgill and @jennimcgill.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

@FreddieWM is 3 years old!

Rewind 3 years: <<<< 

Who'd have thought our miracle boy would reach such a milestone?

On 21st May 2014, Freddie reached 3 years old. He is growing from strength to strength and is a joy to watch develop. He is thriving at nursery school and is becoming a real chatterbox!

Here are some photographs from April 2014:

Freddie meets Percy at long last

With cousin Ellie

Rather eccentric outfit!

With best mates Alex and Leo

At day at Daddy's work!

Here are some photographs from May 2014:

Harmonica duet




Cutting the grass

In Mummy's heels!

Here are some photographs over Freddie's birthday week celebrations: