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Freddie was born on Saturday 21st May 2011 @ 17.42pm, 28 weeks+2, weighing just 730 grams (1lb 9ozs). He was born 11½ weeks premature. Prior to birth, Freddie was transferred from Royal Free in London to the NICU (Neonatal Incubation Care Unit) at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent; the only incubator available, 86 miles away & delivered! We traveled to visit him everyday & finally, after 35 days & an exhausting 3000 miles, he was transferred to Barnet Hospital, just 4 miles away from home! Six weeks later, after a total of 12 weeks (82 days) at hospital, Freddie was finally allowed to go home, on oxygen support for his due date - his 0th birthday! His weight today, is 8400 grams (18lbs 5ozs) & his next weight recording is 1.12.12. He has had 2 hernia operations at Great Ormond Street and is due another at his 4th hospital. This is our story...

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

@FreddieWM is 3 years old!

Rewind 3 years: <<<< 

Who'd have thought our miracle boy would reach such a milestone?

On 21st May 2014, Freddie reached 3 years old. He is growing from strength to strength and is a joy to watch develop. He is thriving at nursery school and is becoming a real chatterbox!

Here are some photographs from April 2014:

Freddie meets Percy at long last

With cousin Ellie

Rather eccentric outfit!

With best mates Alex and Leo

At day at Daddy's work!

Here are some photographs from May 2014:

Harmonica duet




Cutting the grass

In Mummy's heels!

Here are some photographs over Freddie's birthday week celebrations:

Saturday, 29 March 2014

@FreddieWM's Mothers Day 2014 for @JenniMcGill

Off for a haircut... Mothers Day and best friends 4th birthday party.

I have to look nice!

My 2nd ever haircut
The 1st time I've been to a Barber shop
I'm really enjoying this

Then off to the shops to buy flowers for Mothers Day...

Waiting for Mummy...

There she is!

I love my Mummy :)

June 2011

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring 2014 photos...

Here is a short update, about how @FreddieWM is getting on at nursery and at home.

and some recent photos...

It's cool to drink Milk!

Window-shopping at the Apple Store; watching Bob the Builder

With best friends, Alex and Leo

Acting as Fat Controller with Thomas The Tank Engine

Unwell and having a nap

Monday, 16 December 2013

At home with @FreddieWM - Autumn 2013 updates

Apologies to all regular readers of Freddie's blog. This next update, has been far too long in coming and is overdue. Thank you for reading.

Freddie has settled into his new nursery and is his reports are stupendously positive! We also took the time on 17th November, to remember his premature start to the world, reflecting on stories from World Prematurity Day. Freddie's story also continues to grow as requests for articles and photo-permissions are received.

Before sharing photos of Freddie from the past 3 months, I'd like to share his first report form nursery.



"Freddie has settled in well to the yellow room. He enages in lots of activities and expresses his pleasure in doing so, by smiling; laughing and talkign about what he is doing.
Although Freddie was slightly anxious being separated from his mum and dad when he first came to the nursery, I have spent time in building a relationship with Freddie, to make him feel more secure, confident and happy in the yellow room. "


In early October,  Freddie continues to enjoy his favourite chair in front of the television. We know we will soon have to limit this exposure; but the lure of childrens television, is too much. Even, Daddy has to stopped himself from watching some of the shows!

As the good summer weather continues, we take the opportunity to visit our local park as much as possible. Freddie explores the trees; ponds and local playgrounds.

A new set of wheels allows Freddie to get mobile. It is a hard task for Daddy to keep up!

Freddie catches up with his best freinds, Lily and Burghley. They have just moved to a new house and their garden is huge! We enjoy looking at the apple trees and playing on the trampoline. Freddie watches Peppa Pig together, even though Burghley says it's for little babies!

I have decided to write the rest of the blog, from Freddie.
I love playing on the swings the park and with all my toys at home.

My mummy and daddy even took me to the cinema for the first time. Daddy fell asleep and after one hour, I was feeling bored of sitting down, I started to run around; so we had to leave. I was also starting to get (yet) another cold!

I really liked eating popcorn. It's my favourite new food!

 For Halloween, my daddy bought me a mask and my mummy bought me some skeleton pyjamas! 
I even started to learn how to use daddy's iPad. I bet when I am older, I will laugh at the technology he uses :)

I am really good at saying 'Boo!' and I scare my mummy all the time.


In November, we were all quite ill, even my mummy who is never ill. Daddy knows some very important people at Bloomsbury Publishing, so they sent me 4 or 5 new books to read. One book was called Spider Sandwiches!

Daddy also published his first book. You can see me below trying to eat it! It is a red book ... 

I am also eating fruit now. I like apples and bananas and my mum looks as though she is very, very happy.

My mummy and I made our first cake together. The picture below is one of me looking quite clean before it got even more messy! I had to have a bath afterwards and the cake tasted really nice.

I also like to wear daddy's glasses. They make my mummy laugh.

Look at all my cars. I lined them up on the floor with my daddy.

Then, on the 25th November, my mummy kept laughing at my daddy. Apparently, it is funny when you turn 40 years of old. I have no idea what that means, but my mummy and daddy dressed up like they were in the 1970s. I've never heard of it. They both looked weird. 

I even got to see my Grandma!! I love my Grandma.


In December, we have had lots of fun. My mummy and daddy keep talking about Santa Claus. I don't know who he is, but my mum and dad are very happy; laughing lots and spending lots of money. We even bought a tree for our house!

Only taken last week - sick with a chest infection!
We will update you in 2014 with our holiday season photos and plans for the new year.
Freddie continues to bloom and show all the signs of a healthy and happy little boy.
We count our blessings.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!